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Made purchase at on 07/05/09. After 1 week of not receiving any information regarding shipment, I sent an email to DCCA. They responded that order would be shipped by the end of week. They subsequently gave the same answer the next 3 weeks.

I got tired of waiting, and cancelled the order on 08/12/09. I received a confirmation email on 08/12/09 that the order was cancelled and credit would be applied to charge card within 7-14 days. After not receiving a credit in 14 days, I sent an email to DCCA trying to get information regarding the credit. After many emails they finally said the credit had been applied on 08/17/09.

I filed a complaint with the BBB on 08/28/09. I contacted my credit card company on 08/31/09 and disputed the charge. DCCA replied to the BBB complaint on 09/01/09 and stated that the credit had been applied to my card on 08/12/09. I responded to their BBB response that as of 09/02/09, no credit had been applied to my account. I also stated that since a BBB complaint had been filed, I'm sure DCCA would blame a technical error, and a credit would show up on my account within 2 days.

On 09/03/09 a credit finally showed on my account.

Monetary Loss: $217.

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Neunkirchen, Saarland, Germany #183779

Major scam, don't believe the positive results on this site, there written by the company. These guys should be put in jail, ***-bags. They got a *** of a good scam going.


I was able to link them to:

Gold Star Audio

16500 Aston Irvine, CA 92606

Telephone: 949.752.1446

Toll Free: 800.9.STEREO

Don't use Steven Mehr as a lawyer, he is listed as CEO of Gold Star Audio.


thanks for everyone posting ... changed my mind real fast


Purchase over $2000 of products from Dealer Cost Car Audio, and it all went smooth. Got it within a week. i don't know what you guys have an issue with!


DONT'T BUY FROM THEM!!!!!!! I bought a product form this company (MTX9500 12"44) And it stopped working. I emailed the dealer cost car audio and I was informed to ship the item back to.

3337 S Bristol Street Suite #211

Santa Ana, CA 92704

And the item would be replaced because it was still under warranty.I shipped it back in early November 2009 and after they received they had told me the item was on back order and it would be a few weeks before the new one was sent out. A month went by and nothing so i Emailed them again Robert Jones told me that they would send it when it came in to stock. Another month went by and I contacted them and asked them to refund my money $369.00 he said he would refund my money all he needed was the card number I used to by the speaker. I changed banks sense I bought it so I told him to call me and I would give him my new card information. I received no call, I call them and spoke with someone I didn't get there name. He took my credit card info and told me I would have my refund by the end of the week. I never received the refund. After that I I Emailed Robert Jones again and he now tells me that he can't refund the money they will only send a replacement or store credit. I told! them to send a replacement I would not take store credit. I waited some more time and nothing. I filed a complaint with the BBB and they did nothing. it's now been six months and dealer cost car audio has not contacted me All I want is my product or my money back.


Dealer Cost Audio takes order, doesn't fill, tells you they will refund, then hopes you will not call credit card company before the 90 day requirement. I lost $200 because I waited too late to file with credit card company. BBB does nothing; Dealer Cost always says they already credited account



I got my stuff in 2 weeks after I ordered it. Good prices, but don't expect this to be a fast one.

In the end, I am happy.


So I bought something 1/31, after emailing them for almost 3 weeks about my order I decided to cancel today. They kept saying that it would ship out soon, but didn't bother to send me any tracking info.

I had enough of their bs. I cancelled the order and requested a full refund. They said it would take 3 to 7 business days to show up on my account, but I happened to see all these complaints about them and filled an inquiry with my bank letting them know this company is known to be full of *** and might not give me back my money without the bank bothering them. While I’m on the phone with the claims department at my bank, DCCA sends me an email saying “We have succesfully cancelled your pending order, and we have refunded your payment in full.

Refund's take anywhere from 3-7 business days to process back to your card depending on the bank, and there is no further action needed on your part.

There is no need to contact your bank for a dispute or refund as it has already been resolved at our end, and this can lengthen the process.” Now, why the *** would they need to tell me this if they were a reliable company? Let’s see how long it takes now to get my money back.



Don't do business with these guys. It's a scam.

They take your $ and run. I had to file a dispute with my credit card company to get my $ back.


they suck loose your money if you order here


Everyone BEWARE of this fraud, I would not give these guys a credit card! Definitely a racket! :(


I just ordered from, and if I had known ehat I know now, I wounldn't have. I order a few days ago.

I sent an email to them and told them I was reading reviews and that I would report them and call my lawyer, I gave them 3 weeks or a refund I said. We'll see what happens.


Bought merchandise 5/11/09. Arrived damaged.

Returned after I file the claim with UPS.

6 months later, 100+ e-mails....and many promised made by them-nothing! I have filed complaints with the BBB and with my State Consumer Protection and will not stop doing so anyway I can until I get the refund due.


Same problem. No Ship, hard to cancel the order, No refund.

Make sure if you paid by credit card that you post a dispute with your credit card company so they can reverse the charges.

I requested a refund on 11/02/09 it is now 10 days later.

My credit card company is going to make me wait for another week before taking action and reversing the charges. what a *** job company


I had to contact the BBB and my credit card company in order to get Dealer Cost Car audio on their toes. Two week went by with horrendous communication.

They have terrible customer service and only cared about me when I filed formal complaints. Then Robert (owner) called me and asked "Why I filed a complaint without giving them notice." I saw no reason to give them notice since I waited two weeks, sent countless e-mails and called several times and never received any notice of my items being shipped.

They giving me the run-around. Don't buy from them!


If that *** doesn't credit my card he'd better watch his back.


I am going throught the same thing with these guys. I have been dealing with robert since 06/09 and its now 9/18/09 with no refund.

All lies and bullcrap is what what you get.

I filed a complaint with bbb of califoria and got no response from..only lies stating my refund was on its way. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!

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