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Update by user Mar 30, 2013

About 6-7 months after I had gotten my money back. I received an e-mail from the Assistant District Attorney for Orange County, CA.

I told her that I had taken care of the problem myself, I could not help her out a great deal. I do remember telling Robert Jones, if I caught him stealing from anyone again. I would get involved. Well he is still doing it.

Even though DCCA was sued, to to tune of $360,000 ballpark.

I am not sure of the actual amount. If anyone is going to take this thief down it is going to have be us.

Original review posted by user Mar 30, 2013

Robert Jones (The Owner)accepted my order, and within a couple of hours the money $112.00 went bye bye from my bank card. He set up a Intent to Ship with UPS, and then I didn't hear anything for almost a week.

After almost 3 weeks of bouncing e-mails back and forth. I finally realized, this guy for some reason needs this site, most likely to continue his larcenous activities. He doesn't care about your threats, because most people won't carry them through. So I attacked his business daily, I told UPS, his credit card payment system, any online support of his I could find.

I told them he was a thief. I also e-mailed him with how I attacked him that day, and what I was going to to to him tomorrow. I kept it up. I did not relent, it took about 5 weeks.

I did get my refund.

Monetary Loss: $112.

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He just got me for $1,145.00

I'm not really sure how to react and proceed?

Any help would be appreciated .

Benjamin Recker

808 238 1789


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