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THESE GUYS ARE THIEVES!! THEY STOLE $300.99 FROM ME. They do not have a business license in Santa Clara, CA. I called the city. Their address is a mail center (like a PO BOX).

I let them put me off past 60 days and was not able to dispute the charges with my credit card. And this company refused to return my money and now my emails. Because they don't have an actually address you cannot find they to sue them.

Now that I have post a lot of negative reviews, DCCA contacted me. They asked me to *** the reviews then they would return my money. These guys never stop trying to manipulate people. I told them to return my money and then I would remove the reviews. Never heard back from them. The reviews continue. The truth hurts...

Monetary Loss: $300.

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I was able to link them to:

Gold Star Audio

16500 Aston Irvine, CA 92606

Telephone: 949.752.1446

Toll Free: 800.9.STEREO

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